My name is Dalton Bennett.

I am a multimedia journalist based in Berlin, Germany. I’ve work for the Associated Press as a video journalist across Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Europe. Since 2011 the stories I’ve covered include the Libyan civil war; the Eurozone Crisis; the Westgate Mall Attacks; Typhoon Haiyan; the Gaza War; Unrest in Ukraine; the Russian invasion of Crimea; and the fall of Mosul. My reporting -text, videos, and images- have been published on the New York Times,the Atlantic, the Washington Post, the BBC, NBC, Channel 4 News, Global Post, and other outlets. 

In 2014, I was awarded the Oliver S. Gramling award in Journalism by the Associated Press.

”Bennett has become one of AP’s go-to video journalists, specializing in compelling visual storytelling. Showing vast maturity at just 26, he puts the viewer at the scene of his assignments, whether it’s the smoking barricades in the Ukraine or the tragedy of the Gaza war. He regularly contributes breaking news to text wires and thinks and acts beyond the confines of the video format. Generous in sharing his expertise, his reports illustrate what it is that AP aspires to achieve in video storytelling.”
— Judges of 2014 Oliver S. Gramling Journalism Award

A part from storytelling I'm interested in media theory, social theory, philosophy, and film.

Obviously all posted content, musings, and commentary does not reflect the opinions of my employers.